A water bore can be a great investment for your property
DK & EM MURRAY are the longest established private drilling contractors servicing the Central Highlands and surrounding areas of Victoria. Des and his son Gary have over 70 years combined experience in drilling Water Bores, Mineral Exploration and Site Development
We specialize in drilling water bores for livestock, irrigation purposes homes in the city and country areas, public amenities and horticultural applications. We drill for private / corporate businesses and the mining industry. We can drill for you.
If you need a water bore, test bore or mineral exploration bore, contact us.

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We lead the way with drilling equipment, using the most powerful and modern drilling rigs available in the areas where we drill. We complete the majority of bores that we drill ,in one day.
You don’t have to pay a premium to have the best, we offer very competitive pricing.
In some areas, we offer ‘No Water, No Charge’ after a free site inspection and selection on our choice of site, this offer applies to  Stock and Domestic bores only. * Subject to conditions
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the quality or the quantity of water available. No one can tell you the exact depth that a permanent water source would be attainable.This is more evident due to the drought and ever changing depth of the water table,resulting in  fluctuating water quality and quantity.
Sorry,we can't offer bore and pump packages, but we will gladly assist you with obtaining a permit and can recommend a reputable pump fitter, that is qualified to install and service your pump. Some drillers offer a package that supplies a pump with a ‘One Pump Fits All’ attitude, this is not advisable as you need to get a pump that suits the depth and flow rate of your bore. After drilling we can recommend independent bore pump specialists in your area who can supply you with the correct pump.
DK & EM MURRAY – We are the longest established drillers in The Central Highlands and surrounding districts. Our many years of drilling experience mean that we may have drilled bores in your area. We check the geological formations. We use the most powerful modern drilling equipment. We offer you competitive pricing. Please contact us for a free site inspection.